Technology has advanced to a substantial stage and dentistry has witnessed its use elaborately. A neat dental structure and well defined facial bones can be achieved by using modern day dental technologies. Several natural-looking dental materials that duplicate the physical appearance of teeth make today's cosmetic dental treatments reliable and long lasting. Moreover, innovative and durable techniques developed in dentistry are being used that resonate with conservative cosmetic dentistry techniques. This is done to preserve the most of the natural teeth and structures in the buccal cavity.

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the dental treatments and surgeries that may be carried out to improve the appearance of teeth or gums. This may be achieved by improving the color of teeth, position of teeth, shape of a single tooth or several teeth, teeth size, alignment or overall smile appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry can be broadly represented by following treatments:

Cosmetic dentistry also involves use of technologies such as lasers to facilitate patients with essential cosmetic treatments. Use of technology in cosmetic dentistry has also made several procedures such as smile makeovers, less time taking and more comfortable for patients. Recovery time in case of use of technological treatments is also a lot less.