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Providing Straighter Whiter Healthier And Happier Smiles.

The need to have straight teeth has become more important in today's society. If you have problems with discolored, broken and crooked teeth then you probably will not want to smile in public. These problems in the past could only be fixed with traditional bulky metal braces, but today these problems can be fixed with modern dental techniques where the braces are 1/5 the size of the traditional metal braces. One hour tooth whitening service is now available at your dentist to fix discolored teeth due to coffee stains, smoking, etc… Other orthodontic treatment options are now available to straighten teeth than traditional braces. In recent years dental technology has improved to a degree to make straightening teeth virtually invisible to many adults with orthodontic products like invisalign, clear braces and unseen lingual braces (braces behind the teeth).  Clear braces is an effective treatment for adult patients as the braces are barely noticeable.

All of the recent invisalign like products have made people rush to get their teeth fixed without anyone noticing. Dr. R. Sidhu a dentist in Surrey, B.C. has been providing orthodontic treatment to various patients enhancing their quality of life for numerous years utilizing invisalign, clear braces and other dental techniques to help patients.

Surrey dentist doctor Sidhu has been in practice for over 20 years and has been providing general dental and orthodontic treatment to the greater Vancouver area. Dr. Sidhu has treated hundred's of patients' dental problems from dental crowding requiring orthodontics to crowns and bridges and extractions. Being centrally located in Surrey close to White Rock patients also come from the U.S.A. as well.

Our office has been enhancing the appearance of patients giving back their smile. Due to Dr. Sidhu's clinical training in dentistry with numerous courses taken throughout the years the primary focus has been on smile enhancement and orthodontic care during recent years. We also focus on general dental oral health of our patients, providing tooth whitening, cosmetic veneers, ceramic crowns and bridges. To have a wonderful smile not only involves having straight teeth but also whiter teeth, correct shaped teeth, healthy gums and proper facial features as well. We have a multidisciplinary clinic where we have access to botox treatments with a licensed physician as well as cosmetic dentistry for our patients provided by our dentist.

Braces and orthodontics are terms that go hand in hand but mean the same thing. Orthodontic treatment is the dental treatment that straightens crooked teeth, improves appearance and hygiene, and helps correct biting problems. In our Surrey office our dentist utilizes various orthodontic methods to correct crooked teeth from traditional metal braces to clear virtually invisible braces to invisalign-like products.

Our dentist in Surrey also offers completely unseen orthodontic braces that are behind teeth that are known as lingual braces. These types of orthodontic braces are the most aesthetic of all braces. Treatment can be a little more complicated with this type of treatment and it can take a little longer that conventional braces treatment.

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Each New Complete Dental Cleaning Appoinment, may be Eligible for Tooth Whitening Producere.

It is absolutely essential that every member of a family gets their teeth checked once every six months. It not only averts any inherent threat that might have gone unnoticed but also gives the family an opportunity to learn important ways take care of their teeth and gums from the dentist.

Our Services

We proffer every sort of dental treatment to our patients. Have a look for yourself!


Fast braces, a patent technique to align teeth faster than conventional braces, has been in wide use lately.


Speed braces are a sort of metallic braces that use advanced technology to align teeth. They are one third the size of conventional metal braces


Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is gaining immense popularity with both patients and dentists as it helps relax the patient during the dental procedure.


A neat dental structure and well defined facial bones can be achieved by using modern day dental technologies.


Invisible braces are teeth aligning devices that work similarly like traditional braces but in the process are not easily visible on patient’s teeth.


Simply embarking upon an orthodontic journey will not help you achieve that perfect smile unless you take care of those series of invisalign retainers.


The root canals are of different kinds, thus requiring different types of treatment. The different types of root canal treatments are


Willing to put a brace? Why not be a fashionista and pick the best colored braces matching your shirt, skin color and your shoes?

Ceramic Crown

Wisdom teeth or the third molars grow at the back of the gums and are the last teeth to erupt


One of the highly sought after cosmetic dental procedures is tooth whitening. The treatment helps lighten teeth, while eliminating discoloration and stains

Wisdom Tooth Implants

Wisdom teeth or the third molars grow at the back of the gums and are the last teeth to erupt.

Damon Braces

Braces are probably an early solution to otherwise serious dental problems. They are not only used to align teeth in an ideal position but are also helpful in preventing problems like bad bite.