Ceramic Crown

Ceramic Crowns
Dental crowns are a part of cosmetic dentistry. As the name suggests, they are used to cover a weak or worn down tooth. A crown completely encapsulates the entire portion of a tooth that is visible above the gum line.
There are several reasons as to why a dental crown may be required by a patient. Some of the reasons are:

Ceramic crowns are a sort of cosmetic crowns which are made entirely from ceramic and no other material. Other types of crowns are made of several other materials such as porcelain fused to metal and gold. Ceramic crowns have an advantage of camouflaging with the rest of the teeth since they can be created to match the color of patient’s teeth.
This is also one of the most unique features of ceramic crowns since no other crown is translucent and appears to be of the same color as rest of the patient’s teeth.
Ceramic crowns last for several years and they can be brushed daily like other teeth. Ceramic crowns are produced using computer technology. A three dimensional model of the patient’s teeth is created. This 3D design is used to create a mold similar to patient’s teeth. A crown is created using the mold. This crown is then placed over the tooth that requires capping.  


Ceramic crowns provide a cosmetic mean to hide and protect tooth deformities of patients even with very less space within their mouth for a crown.
They give an appearance of an actual tooth when finally placed in patient’s mouth. This is also the reason why ceramic crowns are the most in-demand crowns.
Ceramic crown are lighter in weight as compared to porcelain or metal crowns. The substance used to create ceramic crowns is bio-compatible since it allows the growth of soft tissues and gums alongside.
There is no risk of an allergic reaction or sensitivity to hot or cold foods.