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Dental treatments are not restricted to just teeth whitening and dental hygiene, teeth cleanings. The majority of people suffer from irregularities in their jaw and teeth. Even if such cases are less painful, they are comparatively more disturbing to the individual.  When teeth are crooked or sticking out gives a poor facial appearance to the person, causing a negative self-image and poor self-confidence of the person. Public events can be haunting to such people, and for them, Orthodontic treatment with invisalign or clear braces is the best solution.  Sometimes jaw appliances like bite correctors or growth modification treatment is also need.

It is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on crooked, misaligned, and misfit teeth and jaw disharmony.  This branch deals with correcting bites, occlusion, and the straightness of the teeth.  As orthodontics considers many dental appliances like invisalign, damon and speed braces.  Dr. Sidhu has studied advanced fast braces seminars and conferences as well as early orthodontic treatment for jaw disharmony among patients.

What is Orthodontics


  1. Overbite: Here, the two upper teeth stick out by a considerable amount over the lower teeth. This is a foremost orthodontic issue and is often referred to as “rabbit teeth”. The severity of overbite is different and can necessitate different appliances like Carriere motion 3Dtm  appliance or bite ramp appliance to align the jaws.  After the jaws are sufficiently aligned then braces or invisalign can be used.
  2. Underbite: A complete opposite of overbite, where the issue lies with the lower teeth giving them a “bulldog-like” appearance. This appearance is a type of jaw disharmony and requires functional appliance therapy either with the new Carrriere Motion 3D appliance or other treatment appliance, sometimes this problem can only be corrected by a small surgery.
  3. Open bite: An issue when the upper and lower teeth do not touch each other while biting, and there is excessive space between the front teeth.  This is a hard type of problem to treat, as not only the teeth are a problem but sometimes the muscles of the mouth like the tongue and oral mouth breathing keep the space open between the teeth.
  4. Spacing: Unnecessary gaps or spaces in between the teeth as they do not fill-up the mouth.  This can be a problem usually if the second or lateral incisors are usually too small and patient appears with gaps in the front upper teeth area.  After straightening the teeth with invisalign or speed/fast braces treatment, there can be whats know as a peg lateral or small lateral incisor teeth which is very common.  The affected tooth will either need a ceramic crown/veneer or a Plastic resin build-up of the affected tooth to make a natural looking smile.  If this is not done the upper and lower teeth do not fit well together.  After this is done then ceramic empress veneers and or tooth whitening can be done.


  1. Clear Aligners/Braces( Invisalign) They consist of clear braces or fast/speed braces appliances, wires, or brackets to tightly hold the teeth together and improve their position. A no braces approach like invisalign is also possible when there is not severe or difficult rotations of the teeth.  This treatment option of invisalign has become more popular especially since companies like smile direct have opened up and launched direct marketing to the consumer with no doctor supervision.  Also new doctors with little or no experience have begun marketing invisalign to their patients.  Our office Dr. Sidhu Inc. has been doing invisalign for more than 15 -20 years and have had a high degree of success with the treatments.
  2. Carriere Motion 3D ClassII and III corrector: Made of an steel or clear material can be placed on the upper or lower jaw as determined by the dentist/orthodontist with corresponding apparatus on the opposing jaw.  The appliance is designed to preserve the natural features of the patient while improving the profile of the lower or upper jaw. It is designed to be used at the first phase of treatment before braces and invisalign and if properly used can reduce complete invisalign/braces treatment time by 30-60%

Video Source: Henry Schein Orthodontics

  1. Jaw repositioning appliances: Used to cure Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ), these appliances are used to correct the position of the upper or lower jaw in terms of underbite and overbite.  These type of appliances like the Carriere Moriton 3D appliance with invisalign or braces require more time from the doctor.  There are numerous bite splints and Gelb tmj might or day-time guards and similar design appliances known as freedom appliances which can also be used.  If a jaw problem is not corrected sufficiently either a severe cross-bite, over-bite, under-bite in adolescence than as an adult some of the negative and poor side effects of these problems can become snoring/sleep apnea, tmj headaches, recurrent sinus infections, ear pain etc…  Some of these problems in adults cannot be fixed with appliances and can potentially require surgery.  Often Sleep appliances are made which aligns the jaws in a correct position to allow the person to breath better, essentially these appliances are jaw positioning appliances.
  2. Headgear: Here, a strap is placed around the back of the head and joint to the metal wire in front. This prevents the upper jaw from growing and pulls the front teeth back. This is an old common appliance that we seldom use in our office if at all.

Orthodontics with Dr. R. Sidhu:
Orthodontics is a branch that needs extensive study and vast experience for practice. We at Dr R. Sidhu have professionals carrying these two above mentioned factors. Any treatment of orthodontics can either be a lengthy procedure with functional jaw movements or can be a quick treatment with bio-efficient brackets and wire such as Speed/fast braces treatment.  We have the latest orthodontics appliances like the Carriere motion 3D appliances which will ease the process and make it quick. If you are looking for orthodontic attention in Surrey, then Dr R. Sidhu Dentistry be the first on your list for Invisalign and orthodontic treatment.

Braces Vs. Invisalign Treatment time
SpeedBraces/Fast treatment can be done in as little as 10-12months treatment time if there are no jaw abnormalities and teeth are in normal jaw position.
Invisalign treatment by its nature will move teeth a little slower and extend standard treatment time by approximately 6-9 months longer than standard braces treatment provided there are no difficult rotations of teeth etc..
Every situation can be slightly different and require different treatment for the patient and it is best a patient come for an orthodontic consultation to determine the best outcome.
Braces vs Invisalign Treatment

Traditional braces are visible metal brackets and wires fixed on teeth where s invisalign are clear retainers which are virtually invisible.
Wires and brackets can irritate the mouth while retainers are smooth and comfortable.
There are food restrictions with braces and there are no such restrictions with invisalign.
Brushing and flossing is difficult with braces, where as it is not the issue with invisalign because the retainers are removable.

If your orthodontic treatment is precisely done, it can give you a new look and increased confidence within no time. Come to us, as we will improve your smile and uplift your personal & social esteem.



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