Colored Braces

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Colored Braces

Willing to put a brace? Why not be a fashionista and pick the best colored braces matching your shirt, skin color and your shoes? If you have problem selecting the colors for your braces, you need certain considerations before seeking the orthodontist.

How to Select the Right Color?

Have a Glance at Color Wheel: The first step on this color choosing adventure is to look at a color wheel. Most orthodontists have color wheels for people to decide what colors will suit the most.

Fixing Your Eye on a Meaningful Color: A brace with a meaningful color makes a statement. So, you need to take different combinations of colors into consideration, such as your school colors, national colors, your favorite colors, favorite sports team and colors of rainbow.

Colors That Work Wonder with Your Skin: Turquoise, fuchsia, violet, anise green, orange, dark blue and pastel blue might go well with darker skin tones. For light skin tones, you might consider bronze, raspberry, green khaki, royal blue, caramel and petro blue.

Combine with Outfits: If your wardrobe has clothes showcasing neon colors, neutral colored braces would go good. Dare to take the step.

Darker Colors: Navy blue and dark purple make teeth look whiter and compensate or counterbalance the teeth color.

Delete Ugly Colors: Picking strange colors like black can give a bad impression as it looks like food getting stuck in your teeth. White braces cannot be taken into consideration as they make teeth look yellowish.

Let the Orthodontist Read Your Mind: End up not liking the colors? Notify your orthodontist of your favorite brace colors. He can apply it before applying your braces. Or you can consider changing it next time you visit your dentist, within a period of 6-8 weeks.

Video on Colored Braces

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