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About Damon Braces

Braces are probably an early solution to otherwise serious dental problems. They are not only used to align teeth in an ideal position but are also helpful in preventing problems like bad bite. They impart an aesthetically pleasing look to the teeth of the patient who has undergone a treatment.

There are several braces available today that dentists recommend and use for their patients. Damon braces are also a sort of these braces that help align teeth with relatively easier ways.

Damon braces are self-ligating braces. Self -ligating braces require far less attention than regular braces. Self ligation refers to the attribute of a dental brace to self adjust the amount of force required to exert in order to align the teeth efficiently. Using regular braces requires patients to visit the dentist once every four-six weeks in order to get their braces adjusted, pressured band replaced or adjusted and arch wire realigned.

Damon Braces are fitted in a similar way as traditional metal braces are. These braces use a slide mechanism that attaches arch wires to brackets in a manner that allows natural movement of brackets over time as the teeth realign slowly and gradually. Damon braces are comfortable to use since use of traditional metal braces calls for a routine adjustment every month. The adjustment is extremely discomforting and may cause patient’s moth to feel sore for several days.

Damon braces use a different mechanism to move teeth into the right position. The arch wire used in these braces is called memory wires. The memory wire connects slide brackets that fit on the teeth and apply gentle pressure. The pressure applied by Damon braces is less than that applied by traditional braces that use elastic to apply pressure. Damon braces tighten gradually over time causing far less discomfort to patients.

Advantages of Damon braces over traditional braces:

Damon braces have a number of benefits over traditional braces. These include:

Appearance: These braces use clear brackets which makes these braces far less visible than the traditional races.

Faster treatment time: Although the pressure applied by Damon braces on teeth increases gradually yet using them provides a lot faster alignment than metal braces.

Less in-office maintenance: Since these braces are self ligating, patients do not have to undergo the monthly adjustment. Patients have to visit the dentist far less during the entire tenure of treatment.

Video on Damon Braces


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