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About Fast Braces

Fast braces, a patented technique is used to align teeth faster than conventional braces, has been in wide use lately. Fast braces are designed to fulfill the functions of traditional braces. The only difference is they do it faster. When we say fast, we are talking about half the time required by traditional braces. This is achieved by the unique design of Fast braces that simultaneously moves the top and root of patient’s teeth. Traditional braces achieve this in two different steps.

Fast braces are designed for children, teenagers, and most adults. This is also the reason why they are so popular these days. Fast braces, as the name suggest, reflect the result of their use a lot faster than traditional braces. How fast you ask? Consider this! Patients who use traditional braces have to wait 2-3 years before they finally see the result of its use. However, Fast braces take at most a year to finally bring in the change so dearly awaited by patients. There have also been instances where patients have seen positive changes in just a few months.

Pain and sensation are a few predestined compliments that tag along with traditional braces. Discomfort of putting on traditional braces bothers children the most. However Fast braces are far less discomforting. It too causes pain but far less than that traditional braces do.

You are probably wondering how and when did Fast braces come into existence. Well the first prototype of Fast braces was developed by an orthodontist, Dr. Anthony Viazis 20 years ago. Dr. Viazis observed that several of his patients were having problem with the long span for which they had to put on their braces. Thus with safety as the prime priority in mind, he developed a system that could align teeth faster than the conventional braces which we know as Fast braces today.

Video on Fast Braces

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