Fotona NightLase®|Quality Treatments through High-Tech Laser Technologies

Trust DentistsInSurrey for your comprehensive treatments to solve issues that may derail your regular sleep cycle. Take advantage of proven laser technologies from Fotona NightLase® to combat snoring and gain better sleep quality without hassle.

What is Fotona NightLase®?

Fotona NightLase® is a non-invasive laser treatment designed to provide better sleep quality to its users. The therapy acts through a high-powered laser designed to reduce sleep apnoea and help improve how adults rest. Fotona NightLase® also helps reduce snoring amplitude with a cutting-edge tightening function. This feature helps correct collagen contraction in a regular oral mucosa tissue without discomfort to the user.

How Does Fotona NightLase® Work?

The Fotona NightLase® relies on advanced laser technology to heat up tissues along a patient’s airways, triggering a vital tightening effect. Tightened airways improve airflow and reduces the chances of sleep apnoea and excessive snoring.

How Long Does the Fotona NightLase® Take?

A regular Fotona NightLase® therapy will last between 2 and 3 months. The therapy will involve safe and comprehensive treatment procedures to help correct issues that cause excessive snoring during sleep. It is an entirely comfortable procedure and allows patients continue their normal routines without breaks.

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of Fotona NightLase®?

The effects of Fotona NightLase® are visible from the first session and results will improve after every treatment is complete. Patients should expect significant reduction in sleep apnoea after 2 or 3 complete sessions.

Major Features of Fotona NightLase® Therapy Have to Offer?

DentistsInSurrey provides high-tech laser treatment technologies patients need to improve their sleep patterns and overall quality of life. The company adopts patient-friendly procedures to reduce the effects of snoring through a gentle laser treatment.

1.             Effective, simple, and safe treatment methods

We adopt a range of tested, high-quality laser technologies for patients to deal with sleep problems through safe approaches. Available technologies from Fotona and their range of patented laser pulses helps provide safe penetration of the oral mucosa tissue. Such technology can help provide effective heating to resolve issues that trigger snoring in adults.

The Fotona NightLase® therapy shows great promise and high success rates to encourage better sleep patterns in patients. Research suggests that the therapy can attenuate snoring and lessen its effects without harming patients who undergo such procedures.

2.             Better Action

Laser technology provides better action to deal with issues that trigger faster tightening of the airways, reducing the chances of airflow collapse which causes excessive snoring. Its fast-acting treatment on the oral mucosa region guarantees significant results in no time.

3.             Patient-Friendly Solutions

A thorough NightLase therapy guarantees patients comprehensive treatment solutions within a short period. Each session to correct snoring problems do not cause significant pain and ensure patients are comfortable while getting essential anti-snore treatment. Excessive use of anaesthetics is also not necessary, ensuring patients can return to their normal daily duties without issues.

Why is an Anti-Snore Laser Technology Important?

Snoring causes several issues that could directly impact how a person sleeps or cause discomfort to other people. Repeat snoring episodes can also directly affect the quality of sleep a person gets to enjoy during rest hours.

Excessive snoring could trigger sleep deprivation and cause a range of damaging health effects, especially in adults. Common symptoms snorers could experience include fatigue, headaches, dryness of mouth, sleep discomfort, and many more.

The development of anti-snore laser technology makes it easy for users to get the best sleep experience after short treatment sessions. Comprehensive laser treatment from Fotona NightLase® allows you get the best sleep you need for healthier living without hassle.

Get Your Professional Anti-Snore Treatment Today!

At DentistsInSurrey, we offer a comprehensive collection of the best dental care solutions patients need for robust wellbeing. Our expanded list of services ensure you get high quality anti-snore care with advanced technology for better sleep and improved health with no side effects. Contact us today for a fast, effective, and safe anti-snore treatment you need to thrive!

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