Invisible Braces

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About Invisible Braces


Are a no braces technique which aligns teeth with a series of aligners that are used for aligning teeth. New features from G3-G7 invisalign are being introduced as smart features to deal with difficult rotations and premolar extractions. If worn long enought Align technology believes will be able to correct the vast majority of malooclusions. Invisalign Teen has been out in the market place for a few years now and can be used in select cases

Lingual Braces

Another system to straighten teeth without anyone knowing are braces behind your teeth, this system has an advantage over invisalign in that your teeth are constantly moving, you do not have to remember to wear a clear plastic tray like invisalign which only works when you wear it. Also more complex treatment can be undertaken more easily than compared with invisalign. Treatment is generally quicker than invisalign. Some dental offices only offer invisalign, we offer different systems as each patient has unique dental needs. If you only have one treatment technique like other dental offices then everything is focused on that treatment. I-braces and other lingual braces techniques like speed lingual braces are offered in our clinic

Video on Invisible Braces

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