Root canals

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About Root Canal

A root canal is termed as the cavity occurred within the center of each tooth. Root canal treatment has gained immensely popular with people having teeth problems. Gone are the days when people used to step back and show their unwillingness to go for it as the treatment uses a painful procedure. Thanks to the modern advances in the dental technology. Millions of teeth are saved from getting decayed with the help of endodontic treatment or root canal.

The root canals are of different kinds, thus requiring different types of treatment. The different types of root canal treatments are –

  1. Primary Root Canal Treatment: It is a non-surgical treatment and is required to manage infection or inflammation.
  2. Secondary Root Canal Treatment: This type of treatment is performed when the primary root canal treatment fails to provide complete remedy.
  3. Apicoectomy: When the regular root canal treatments fail to serve the purpose, your dentist might perform a microsurgical procedure. A apicoectomy is required to remove the infected tissue.
  4. Pulpectomy: Using this pediatric endodontic procedure, the whole of the pulp and nerve are eliminated.
  5. Pulpotomy: Puplotomy helps remove the diseased pulp as well as nerve from the crown of the tooth keeping the root nerve unharmed.

Video on Root canals

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