Speed Braces

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About Speed Braces

Speed braces are a sort of metallic braces that use advanced technology to align teeth. They are one third the size of conventional metal braces and effectively reduce the treatment time to a good extent. These braces can be used by patients of all ages without any complication. Here are a few exclusive advantages of speed braces:

Faster treatment: Speed braces have been developed using a revolutionary technology which reduces the treatment time considerably. These braces, unlike traditional elastic braces do not rely on the ligature to bring the teeth to their places. The technology used in these braces is referred to as the spring clip. Spring clip is customized according to every patient’s requirement by the dentist. These spring clips slowly pressurize teeth into an appropriate formation. These spring clips are made of a leading edge metal. They are a lot more comfortable far less hindering.

Hygienic: Since speed braces are small in size they are a lot hygienic than other sorts of braces. The trouble of edibles getting stuck in them is a lot less. They are also easy to clean which results to a fewer visits to dentist. They can be cleaned easily and even brushing teeth is also a lot relieving.

Esthetics: The small size of speed braces highly favors them. Being small they are less visible and from a distance they do not show at all. This is the reason why they are well suited for teenagers.

Speed braces are self ligating braces. Self ligating braces eliminate the use of “tie”. “Tie” is a component of conventional braces that holds the arch wire to the brace. Self ligating braces have a built in component that efficiently replaces the “tie”. This not only removes a component from braces but also offers a better mechanism to provide faster results.

Speed braces is a type of self-ligation bracket which has longest history of clinical use compared to Damon braces, In-Ovation Braces and other common types of self-ligation barackets like the Carriere Braces as well. Speed braces have made several advantages over recent years, which now include a type of hidden bracket or invisible braces to straighten lower teeth.

The speed supber cable wire is the best brac.

Clear Braces

Clear braces or Ceramic braces, are barely noticeable, and from a distance people often never know your wearing braces. They are a popular choice for adult orthodontics, or teenagers in high school. Treatment however does take a little longer than the metal braces used in our office. Clear braces have provided the opportunity to adults of rectifying the alignment of their teeth without feeling uncomfortable or conscious.

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