Damon Braces

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About Damon Braces

Braces are probably an early solution to otherwise serious dental problems. They are not only used to align teeth in an ideal position but are also helpful in preventing problems like bad bite. They impart an aesthetically pleasing look to the teeth of the patient who has undergone a treatment.

There are several braces available today that dentists recommend and use for their patients. Damon braces are also a sort of these braces that help align teeth with relatively easier ways.

Damon braces are self-ligating braces. Self -ligating braces require far less attention than regular braces. Self ligation refers to the attribute of a dental brace to self adjust the amount of force required to exert in order to align the teeth efficiently. Using regular braces requires patients to visit the dentist once every four-six weeks in order to get their braces adjusted, pressured band replaced or adjusted and arch wire realigned.

Damon Braces are fitted in a similar way as traditional metal braces are. These braces use a slide mechanism that attaches arch wires to brackets in a manner that allows natural movement of brackets over time as the teeth realign slowly and gradually. Damon braces are comfortable to use since use of traditional metal braces calls for a routine adjustment every month. The adjustment is extremely discomforting and may cause patient’s moth to feel sore for several days.

Damon braces use a different mechanism to move teeth into the right position. The arch wire used in these braces is called memory wires. The memory wire connects slide brackets that fit on the teeth and apply gentle pressure. The pressure applied by Damon braces is less than that applied by traditional braces that use elastic to apply pressure. Damon braces tighten gradually over time causing far less discomfort to patients.

Advantages of Damon braces over traditional braces:

Damon braces have a number of benefits over traditional braces. These include:

Appearance: These braces use clear brackets which makes these braces far less visible than the traditional races.

Faster treatment time: Although the pressure applied by Damon braces on teeth increases gradually yet using them provides a lot faster alignment than metal braces.

Less in-office maintenance: Since these braces are self ligating, patients do not have to undergo the monthly adjustment. Patients have to visit the dentist far less during the entire tenure of treatment.

Colored Braces

Willing to put a brace? Why not be a fashionista and pick the best colored braces matching your shirt, skin color and your shoes? If you have problem selecting the colors for your braces, you need certain considerations before seeking the orthodontist.

How to Select the Right Color?

Have a Glance at Color Wheel: The first step on this color choosing adventure is to look at a color wheel. Most orthodontists have color wheels for people to decide what colors will suit the most.

Fixing Your Eye on a Meaningful Color: A brace with a meaningful color makes a statement. So, you need to take different combinations of colors into consideration, such as your school colors, national colors, your favorite colors, favorite sports team and colors of rainbow.

Colors That Work Wonder with Your Skin: Turquoise, fuchsia, violet, anise green, orange, dark blue and pastel blue might go well with darker skin tones. For light skin tones, you might consider bronze, raspberry, green khaki, royal blue, caramel and petro blue.

Combine with Outfits: If your wardrobe has clothes showcasing neon colors, neutral colored braces would go good. Dare to take the step.

Darker Colors: Navy blue and dark purple make teeth look whiter and compensate or counterbalance the teeth color.

Delete Ugly Colors: Picking strange colors like black can give a bad impression as it looks like food getting stuck in your teeth. White braces cannot be taken into consideration as they make teeth look yellowish.

Let the Orthodontist Read Your Mind: End up not liking the colors? Notify your orthodontist of your favorite brace colors. He can apply it before applying your braces. Or you can consider changing it next time you visit your dentist, within a period of 6-8 weeks.

About Invisible Braces


Are a no braces technique which aligns teeth with a series of aligners that are used for aligning teeth. New features from G3-G7 invisalign are being introduced as smart features to deal with difficult rotations and premolar extractions. If worn long enought Align technology believes will be able to correct the vast majority of malooclusions. Invisalign Teen has been out in the market place for a few years now and can be used in select cases

Lingual Braces

Another system to straighten teeth without anyone knowing are braces behind your teeth, this system has an advantage over invisalign in that your teeth are constantly moving, you do not have to remember to wear a clear plastic tray like invisalign which only works when you wear it. Also more complex treatment can be undertaken more easily than compared with invisalign. Treatment is generally quicker than invisalign. Some dental offices only offer invisalign, we offer different systems as each patient has unique dental needs. If you only have one treatment technique like other dental offices then everything is focused on that treatment. I-braces and other lingual braces techniques like speed lingual braces are offered in our clinic

About Speed Braces

Speed braces are a sort of metallic braces that use advanced technology to align teeth. They are one third the size of conventional metal braces and effectively reduce the treatment time to a good extent. These braces can be used by patients of all ages without any complication. Here are a few exclusive advantages of speed braces:

Faster treatment: Speed braces have been developed using a revolutionary technology which reduces the treatment time considerably. These braces, unlike traditional elastic braces do not rely on the ligature to bring the teeth to their places. The technology used in these braces is referred to as the spring clip. Spring clip is customized according to every patient’s requirement by the dentist. These spring clips slowly pressurize teeth into an appropriate formation. These spring clips are made of a leading edge metal. They are a lot more comfortable far less hindering.

Hygienic: Since speed braces are small in size they are a lot hygienic than other sorts of braces. The trouble of edibles getting stuck in them is a lot less. They are also easy to clean which results to a fewer visits to dentist. They can be cleaned easily and even brushing teeth is also a lot relieving.

Esthetics: The small size of speed braces highly favors them. Being small they are less visible and from a distance they do not show at all. This is the reason why they are well suited for teenagers.

Speed braces are self ligating braces. Self ligating braces eliminate the use of “tie”. “Tie” is a component of conventional braces that holds the arch wire to the brace. Self ligating braces have a built in component that efficiently replaces the “tie”. This not only removes a component from braces but also offers a better mechanism to provide faster results.

Speed braces is a type of self-ligation bracket which has longest history of clinical use compared to Damon braces, In-Ovation Braces and other common types of self-ligation barackets like the Carriere Braces as well. Speed braces have made several advantages over recent years, which now include a type of hidden bracket or invisible braces to straighten lower teeth.

The speed supber cable wire is the best brac.

Clear Braces

Clear braces or Ceramic braces, are barely noticeable, and from a distance people often never know your wearing braces. They are a popular choice for adult orthodontics, or teenagers in high school. Treatment however does take a little longer than the metal braces used in our office. Clear braces have provided the opportunity to adults of rectifying the alignment of their teeth without feeling uncomfortable or conscious.

About Fast Braces

Fast braces, a patented technique is used to align teeth faster than conventional braces, has been in wide use lately. Fast braces are designed to fulfill the functions of traditional braces. The only difference is they do it faster. When we say fast, we are talking about half the time required by traditional braces. This is achieved by the unique design of Fast braces that simultaneously moves the top and root of patient’s teeth. Traditional braces achieve this in two different steps.

Fast braces are designed for children, teenagers, and most adults. This is also the reason why they are so popular these days. Fast braces, as the name suggest, reflect the result of their use a lot faster than traditional braces. How fast you ask? Consider this! Patients who use traditional braces have to wait 2-3 years before they finally see the result of its use. However, Fast braces take at most a year to finally bring in the change so dearly awaited by patients. There have also been instances where patients have seen positive changes in just a few months.

Pain and sensation are a few predestined compliments that tag along with traditional braces. Discomfort of putting on traditional braces bothers children the most. However Fast braces are far less discomforting. It too causes pain but far less than that traditional braces do.

You are probably wondering how and when did Fast braces come into existence. Well the first prototype of Fast braces was developed by an orthodontist, Dr. Anthony Viazis 20 years ago. Dr. Viazis observed that several of his patients were having problem with the long span for which they had to put on their braces. Thus with safety as the prime priority in mind, he developed a system that could align teeth faster than the conventional braces which we know as Fast braces today.


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