After breaking the bridge that holds one of my front teeth in place, two weeks before my wedding, I was in a very bad position! I went to see Dr. Sidhu and he was able to fix my bridge and bring my smile back. Thank you Dr. Sidhu for the care and gentle manner in which you were able to fix my broken front tooth. I have seen a number of dentists over the years and you are the first to listen to my concerns and handle my situation with understanding.
For anyone looking for a great dentist that does excellent work, I would recommend Dr. Rajvindar Sidhu.

Ricky Vikas Kapoor

I am writing to thank Dr. Rajvindar Sidhu for the outstanding quality of service and level of professionalism that both my Mother and myself have received while being under his care.

A few months ago, my Mother was visiting Vancouver on her way to holidays in China. She had a bad fall and damaged her front teeth the day before she was supposed to fly. We went to see a doctor and the doctor referred us to the Emergency room at Vancouver General Hospital. We waited for 2 hours and were not able to get attended to. We then left and spoke to Dr. Rajvindar Sidhu in Surrey, who was able to meet my Mother promptly. He met my Mother within 1 hour and was able to address her immediate pain by bridging her front teeth together. My Mother was able attend her holidays and was able to eat solid food free from pain.

I have also used Dr. Rajvindar Sidhu from Surrey for my own personal needs. A few months ago, Dr. Rajvindar Sidhu noticed that I had a problem with my upper front teeth. He evaluated my condition and told me that I needed to address the situation otherwise I risk losing my teeth. I then solicited Dr. Rajvindar Sidhu for a proposal and treatment plan. He evaluated my current situation by taking pictures, xrays and by conducting a thorough examination. We implemented braces with dental implants and treatment is ongoing. To date, my teeth look more straight and my bite has improved significantly.

I would highly recommend Dr. Rajvindar Sidhu from Surrey for all of your immediate dental and cosmetic needs. He provides the absolute highest quality of service with an utmost commitment to his patients. The workmanship that he provides is absolutely exemplary.

Thank you. V.F.